Borderland the Pre-Sequel


Handsome Jack is evil, I guess we already knew that.

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is the 3rd action role-playing installment of the Borderlands games created by Gearbox. Battling to level up the characters while collecting guns and armor to upgrades are the main point of the game. 4 characters are taken to planets to complete quests, collect treasure and help Handsome Jack the main antagonist from Borderlands 2 take of Hyperion.

Plot: As the player starts the game you are being questioned by the characters from the previous Borderlands. Then the hero chosen is played in the flashback of memory as the story is told. Handsome Jack uses the 4 heroes to gain control of Hyperion, a weapons company within the game. The claptrap character hold vast information about Hyperion and the protagonists from the previous installments want it. Throughout the Pre-Sequel you meet a host of new and old characters expanding the Borderlands Universe.

Gameplay: Just like the previous installments it has the same interface as most 3rd person shooters. The characters complete quests to earn new equipment, loot and vehicles to advance in the game. The player can follow the plot quests or find additional adventures elsewhere. The game can be completed in about 12 hours and the side missions give the game over 100+ hours of gameplay.  As the party progress’ and kill monsters they also level up earning stat points and abilities increasing their health and damage. Unfortunately this seems to be the same as before with the previous installments with additional quests and loot added to apparently try to give the game more depth.

Pre sequel

Difficulty: This game can be hard if you don’t approach enemies with strong enough weapons or characters. There are time requirements attached to some missions that additionally make it harder but otherwise progressing through the game isn’t that challenging and it seems like you are just replaying the previous installments again with more additional things added to the world. The online play can be fun but otherwise can be used to just level up characters at a much faster rate taking the fun and replay value from the game.

Music: Gearbox has always been able to get a pop song into the theme of each of the Borderlands installments, the first being Cage the Elephant and the Second being The Heavy. The Vines “Black Dragon” is the theme song for this Borderlands which adds some texture to the opening sequence in the game. Otherwise while exploring and fighting it’s all pretty ambient space noises and occasionally acoustic guitar strings.

Summary: This game was just short of great, it was good. I also admit that I still play it but it’s more of a guilty pleasure because I like the series. It just bothers me that I didn’t see any new innovation added to this game that I really felt the Borderlands 2 added. I think the game has replay value but it just tends to get a little repetitive and becomes boring. The Borderlands games are fun but I felt The Pre-Sequel was lacking compared to the first two games.




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