The Last of Us

When you started this journey you were a different person, can you even remember why you are here with Ellie?


The Last of Us is an action/horror experience that keeps the player on the edge of their seat. An apocalyptic future where the main characters Joel and Ellie are on a mission to meet with a group called the Fireflies. During their journey they have to make several hard choices and fight to live. This is the story of their estranged relationship and the choices they made.

Plot: 20 years after the spread of a fungal virus that infects humans who are bitten turning them into hideous aggressive creatures. The player takes the role of an unlikely duo. Seeing that Ellie is a 14-year-old girl while Joel is a criminal transporter, both don’t start off on the best track. Through the game there are cinematic’s that show in rich detail the choices and consequences that Joel and Ellie deal with. Each cinematic adds more depth to the each character’s personality and relationship by showing the audience what Joel or Ellie are willing to do to survive and protect each other.

Gameplay: 3rd person view was a great idea for this gameplay. The game shows in detail the wide range of actions the protagonists take as the main characters. The player can gun down enemies both infected and bandit alike or take the stealth route with silent kills. Both types of gameplay are exciting and there are a healthy mix of them throughout the game. With cover being provided throughout the adventure, it adds new elements to the gameplay having the player exercise more caution when attacked. Different enemies have Joel and Ellie develop new tactics to take them down depending on the situation at hand.


Difficulty: This game provides considerable challenge even on the normal difficulty. The protagonists have to exercise caution depending on what creature or bandit they face. The player feels what an action horror can play like by providing the understanding that every bullet and medical kit count. Similar games Resident Evil and Dead Space have given great light into this genre. Ammunition count within the gameplay of The Last of Us once again has the player starving for resources again.

Music: The game gives lots of ominous noises throwing the player off. These sounds are metal clanking, bottle being knocked over and other eerie sounds. Lots of the game has no music which adds to the fact the main characters are living 20 years into an apocalyptic future. The game doesn’t provide a soundtrack, instead it’s a compilation of sounds. The sounds that are created for the game match well with the gameplay.

Summary: I thought this game was truly fantastic. I ended up beating it twice to make sure I got everything and really to see the the whole game again. The game’s plot was so well written that even though I felt I had guessed the ending,  I really had not. The way Joel and Ellie interact with each other from the beginning to the end really showed personality development. After playing this I felt empathy for the characters and that’s what really lead me start writing reviews.




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