FTL: Faster Than Light (Advanced Edition)


Space can be an extremely dangerous place, it’s even scarier when you’re low on fuel…

FTL: Faster than Light is a top down simulator created for Steam and iOS. Created by the Subset games an Indie Developer, the game has sold over 1.5 millions copies and is adored by many gamers for its ingenuity and its replay value.

Plot: The plot line for FTL is simple, get the vital information to the last Federation outpost.. The purpose of the game is progressing from the 1st to 8th sector and eliminate the rebel flagship. Players get themselves through each sector dealing with each space jump taken to the next sector. Finding random objects like stasis pods that give side quests and gives your ship different advantages. FTL is more about completion than actually finding out why there are rebels, maybe with a sequel Subset Games can give the series a little more depth but it’ll have to wait.

Gameplay: Similar to simulator games like the well known Oregon Trail, it’s about finishing the game. FTL provides a variety of ship, ship upgrades, crew members and quests for the player to choose from. Weapons, drones and crew members all have different options for the ship that give advantages or disadvantages depending on the scenario. Getting through sectors involves tact, power and ability. Not having the ship upgraded or crew assembled correctly results in retreat or destruction. Players decide which location is best to advance while avoiding combat. Traveling battles, distress signals and side quests provide scrap and upgrades. Shops provide upgrades and crew members for purchase along with a safe haven for your ship for a round. The different  alien races, ship types, weapons and upgrades make each jump towards the last sector unique and gives the game unlimited replay value.


Difficulty: FTL is a great challenge for any level of gamer. Everything in the game is randomly generated each time a new game starts, making so there is no single way for the player to beat each level. Strategies change as the ship advances into each sector and depending on which ship was chosen changes the layout and crewmembers inside. Sometimes taking a run and gun tactic is the right approach where other battles might require you to jump away as soon as possible. There are difficulty settings that can be manipulated to increase or decrease the battle difficulty and loot collected. All together a very fun and difficult game.

Music: The music that accompanies FTL is a mix of ambient space and celestial music.The songs were created by a man named Ben Prunty who is an American musician from Maine. He describes his music as “ arrangements of pleasant sounding patterns” and with how the music sounds while playing, that is a very accurate description. His work with FTL has earned him several awards including IGN’s music of the year award for the FTL soundtrack in 2012. The tone he puts forth with this game and the additional songs he created for the enhanced edition really compliment the game and give the feeling of traveling through space.

Summary: This game will be remembered and will become a classic for future generations. FTL created a new take on survival simulator games and its sales and fan base prove this. Unlocking new ships and characters is what I spent most of my time doing before I even tried to finish the game. The replay value is endless with this game, giving the game great value. I feel this is the simulator game of the newest generation as the Oregon Trail was for mine. All together this is a nearly perfect game and with the stupendous soundtrack created by Ben Prunty everyone will enjoy the game one way or another.




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